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For us, customer satisfaction is everything. It is what motivates us to continue to provide high quality services.

Probably the best Car Mechanics in Kolkata. There was a wheel alignment problem in my Honda City. They diagnosed my car for free on-site then took it to their Garage & then after the repair was complete delivered it to my address.

Vikram Poddar

Excellent and prompt service with quality technician. Identified and fixed my cars problem within a minute at 1AM midnight when I was stuck on road, after which I was able to return home. Great service by Munna motors and the person who came to help me. Very pleased and satisfied.

Suraj Rawat

I have been to several workshops for car repairing stuffs but honestly, hands down, this is the best place. Munna is an expert and one of the best in the business. No bragging, but when I received my car after repair and servicing, it was like a new car. Amazing job. Highly recommended.

Ishan Roy

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